…“Do I like sketching? Not really, to be honest. It’s rather embarrassing to admit, as a ‘good’ artist is supposed to study the subject relentlessly, but I’m either too lazy or too OCD to sketch… My reward system only allows me to find fulfilment in working when it bears a satisfying tacit result. Therefore, I tend to give in to my bad habit of overworking my sketches to death. Don’t even know if that’s always a bad thing though…”

As any other artist would have, there are plenty of random and not so random sketches laying around the YellowJax studio. Although some sketches are just studies and others just for fun, it still remains interesting to give some attention to the naked beauty of sketches in all their simplicity. Portraits are a favourite, as the attempt to capture a person in few lines is always a nice challenge.



Gothenburg 2012