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YellowJax Bags provides the following services: 

|| Custom design and painting of a leather item in your wardrobe.

We handle bags, jackets, shoes, dresses and trousers.

|| Opt for us to look for a new leather garment or bag for you to have customised.

|| Make an offer on available bags on the website.

|| Use the website as an inspiration to get creative with your own items. 

Feel invited to ask any (technical) questions or when you need assistance.

||Enjoy a Leather Painting WORKSHOP with High Tea and Prosecco.

[For examples we kindly refer you to our Bag Gallery...]

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Pleased to meet you!

YellowJax believes in a personal approach, therefore you can always start a project or ask any questions you may have by sending us an email or adding us on WhatsApp. We aim to respond within hours and of course this is without any obligations. From here we will discuss your wishes thoroughly and arrangements can be made to meet in person when preferred. Since the art piece considered is very personal a good understanding between client and designer is a prerequisite and much care is taken in smooth communication.

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What would you like?

During our process of figuring out the concept of your bespoke piece, ideas and inspirational images are exchanged to get to a clear understanding of your wishes. Perhaps you already have an idea, or a fashion issue we can help you solve, for which we are glad to be of service. However, if you haven’t a clue yet what you would like on what, we can absolutely fix that together. Our bag gallery is a great source for inspiration as well.

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Caution: Artist at Work

After the concept is agreed upon, a design is made prior to the painting process. With the design, surface preparation, painting and finishing, each item takes at least 20-36 hours to complete with some special items taking more than 100 hours. This intrinsic process ensures the finest quality results and a wide range of painting techniques are available due to our many years of experience in the arts.

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Done when you're pleased

YellowJax takes much pride in delivering pieces that meet the clients every expectation. With this, we can confidently provide a guarantee of satisfaction with every artwork. After the painting is done and prior to delivery, images will be send to you awaiting your approval. Furthermore, you are welcome to contact us any time after delivery for questions or touch ups, we will continue to care for you afterwards. For further detail on how to take care of your new art garment, we refer you to our FAQ page.


Prices and Logistics

Since every project is different, prices for a bespoke piece vary. The pricing will depend on the size and construction of the item as well as on the complexity of the requested artwork. Generally, prices can be expected to range from €250 to €1400. Specific quotations will be agreed upon prior to any design engagement.

[For more detailed information on prices, logistics, technical and artistic questions,

we kindly refer you to our FAQ page, or contact us via WhatsApps or E-mail]



Thank you kindly for your interest. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or ideas. Yours Truly, Jacqueline Huang


The Hague, The Netherlands

+31 611140234

Bedankt voor de inzending!