Dior Saddle 2.jpg


DIOR Saddle Bag Gaucho

Ever since its introduction in 1999, Galliano’s debut bag  for Dior has been an unmistaken It-Bag. And now, with Dior reinventing the saddle bag on the catwalks of 2018, is a great time to get your own out of the wardrobe and into a new coat…  

Our Gaucho Saddle from 2008, originally a luminous crème tone, had suffered some discolouration, but the leather was still buttery soft and glowing.
Therefore, we decided not to repaint the entire bag, but to keep the characteristic vintage feel, yet freshen it up with a porcelain look on the flap, inspired by 17th century Delft Blue china with its crisp whites and cobalt blues.
A Glaucus Atlanticus (a truly existing sea slug… also called Blue Dragon ) was placed right beneath the heartline of the belt buckle running over the centre of the flap. With it’s flaming outline and bright blue body it fully integrates our porcelain concept with the natural shape of the saddle bag.
Then, finishing the artwork, detailed pearl elements were added, in further reference to the maritime theme and Vermeer’s Pearls Earrings.  
With Asian roots and Delft being YellowJax’s Alma Mater, we wear this piece in our collection with significance and meaning.

What art would make your fashion meaningful?