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Yellowjax Bags initiated as a project aiming to upcycle preloved designer handbags. The idea arose when I was scouting for a new bag and stumbled on the wonderous world of vintage bags. Previously, I had never given much thought to bags. For many years I had carried around my shabby school satchel that sufficed for all my daily activities, and was jarred to see so many beautiful bags still in great condition, left for adoption. From this, the objective emerged to redesign and upcycle these bags as a counteraction to the fast fashion industry in which the mentality of consumption is greater than that of sustainable action.

A series of authentic designer handbags made out of genuine leather was selected to establish the YellowJax Bag Collection. This is because designer bags bear the guarantee of a great quality product for their materialisation as well as the design so that these bags could theoretically last a lifetime. Additionally, the prolonged use of leather goods decreases the number of animals continually be harvested to satisfy our need for new fashion.

However, prolonging the lifespan of a vintage item does not mean having to accept its status quo, which in fashion will always mean being outdated. In extending the longevity of the leather item we deem it necessary to not only preserve it, but to reinvent it.

Therefore, each single bag was given a unique design, whereafter hand painted with much care, experimenting with lots of different techniques.  Not only does the design specific to each bag increase its value by lifting it to a one-off piece of art, it also entails the believe that fashion, more than the adaptation to transient trends or social pressure, should inherently be an expression of the individual self as a prerequisite to human vicinity. After all, how is one to get close to you if you don’t show who you are?

From this believe and from being a designer, and therefore facilitator, with all my heart, YellowJax Bags elaborated as a bespoke design service, to create for you and with you fashion merged with art, made with love and for you exclusively. Go for those single items to be cherished forever, because the true you will never go out of style.

Yours Truly,
Jacqueline Huang



Thank you kindly for your interest. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or ideas. Yours Truly, Jacqueline Huang


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