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"Express Yourself Through Art and Become Exclusive."

YellowJax Bags is a Bespoke Design Service that offers you the opportunity to realise your own and truly unique hand painted fashion statement. We create pieces for special occasions, such as weddings and anniversaries, as well as for daily intents with corporate or leisure purposes.


The YellowJax Bag Collection consists of a series of authentic designer handbags with our hand painted artworks. Designer items bear the guarantee of a great quality product for their materialisation as well as their design so that these bags could last a lifetime. However, prolonging the lifespan of a vintage item does not mean having to accept its status quo, which in fashion will always mean being outdated.

We deem that in extending the longevity of the leather item it is necessary to not only preserve it, but to reinvent it.

Through custom hand painted artworks we make designs to specifically accommodate your personality and lifestyle. Once your story merges with that of the leather garment, fashion stops wearing you and you start wearing fashion.

In this Gallery you can find our collection items accompanied by their stories. Get inspired and create your own story.

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DIOR Saddle Bag Gaucho

Keeping the characteristic vintage feel, this 2008 Gaucho was freshened up with a porcelain look, inspired by 17th century Delft Blue china with its crisp whites and cobalt blues.
A Glaucus Atlanticus (a sea slug a.k.a Blue Dragon ) with it’s flaming outline and bright blue body and detailed pearl elements were added in reference to the maritime theme and Vermeer’s Pearls Earrings. 
With Asian roots and Delft being YellowJax’s Alma Mater, we wear this piece in our collection with significance and meaning.

What art would make your fashion meaningful?...



Thank you kindly for your interest. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or ideas. Yours Truly, Jacqueline Huang


The Hague, The Netherlands

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