"So what do you do?"

                          I make stuff


                          Like... everything 

"Okay, whatever… "





Who is YellowJax?

YellowJax is a Design Company run by Jacqueline Huang [1986]. Formally educated in architecture at Delft University of Technology, and having explored numerous different areas of art, design and science, Jacq can best be typified as a classic generalist and all-round creator.

Her need to make and invent things started very early in life.

Experimental in nature, and being raised by scientists, many explorations in different materials and techniques were carried out and as a true generalist, this was no different in her academic career. Always having had difficulties choosing between subjects, she entered several academic studies ranging from physics to sinology, yet always another excitement would lead her to take new paths.

In architecture she finally found her place for a steady while as it is a profession that enables a broad scope of creation. During her time at the Faculty of Architecture in Delft Jacq won several design competitions, interned at a mechanical engineering advice company and also studied architecture in Sweden for a year at the University of Chalmers, Gothenburg. Her projects in Robotic and Parametric Architectures have been exhibited in the Prado National Museum of Madrid and Gothenburg’s Rösska Museum of Design.  

Throughout her whole time in architecture, other fields kept catching her attention and she was commissioned to do a variety of different design ventures, from graphics for vinyl covers to tattoos and a number of portraits on canvas.

She also worked as a university photographer for the TU Delft, mainly delivering journalistic work, supplying for flyers, the university paper and website. However, preferring more freedom and alternative styles, collections of artistic photography were made on the side and even a fashion shoot was undertaken, in exchange for most of the construction material necessary for the renovation of the current YellowJax Studio in 2015.

This history of scalaric endeavours naturally and decisively lead to starting her own design company, enabling her to unify and combine all facets of art and design and allowing for a constant meander between the different fields, paralleling the worlds of arts and technology.

Having discretely and subconsciously moved from flat surfaces to spatial design, the introduction of fashion in her repertoire was a coherent stride following this development. With leather attire offering the challenges and restraints that at the same time constitute their opportunities, canvas was exchanged for bags, hence YellowJax Bags was introduced in 2019, a bespoke design service for leather garments.

The YellowJax Vision
Had it always seemed strange to others that no decision to specialise was ever made, the realisation in Jacqueline Huang steadily grew that perhaps being a generalist is special. The width of past explorations has resulted in an unconventional toolbox necessarily characterising artists and designers.

Yellowjax believes in thinking and experimenting as a scientist and autonomous artist to come up with out of the box ideas for our commissions, whilst at the same time practising design, disciplined to fulfill the client’s wishes exactly on any assignment. With this as our foundation, we are confident to create beyond even your wildest ideas.

Please take a look at our Bag Collection, Architecture and Art Gallery pages for inspiration.

From leather art to interior design or paintings and graphics, the world can never overpopulated by aesthetics, so start creating with us today.  

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Thank you kindly for your interest. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or ideas. Yours Truly, Jacqueline Huang


The Hague, The Netherlands

+31 611140234

Bedankt voor de inzending!